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Online Dating 101: an Introduction
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Author: A. Hathaway

A rough guide for dating online, and avoiding fraud.

Welcome to the world of online dating. The Internet romance and match-making business has existed since the early days of the web, but only in 2000 did the industry become a major global industry. Internet dating website services have gone from an emerging market in 2000 to a full-blown competitive corporate industry with well over $2B USD in revenue at stake annually, as of 2006. As Internet usage and access continue to increase worldwide, as well as a decline in barriers to entry for new competitors, the industry is expected to continue to grow and attract new customers worldwide and maturing in 2010.

Who are the players in this market? Many names have done well establishing their brands early, such as, eHarmony, AmericanSingles, LavaLife and FriendFinder. Smaller and niche dating market sites continue to enter the game, as more and more Internet users are becoming more comfortable online, and therefore more comfortable with the idea of meeting someone special via the Internet. Success stories are out there, and so are the cases of fraud, international scams and big financial losses. More than ever, people are getting involved emotionally with someone they've never met, or someone who lives in another state or country. With this less personal contact comes the need for a professional background check from a confidential firm.

Buyer Beware: A few of the warning signs

Be skeptical and exercise caution if the individual:

1. Claims to be working, traveling or living in Nigeria.

2. Falls in love quickly, too quickly without reason.

3. Suddenly has an emergency, requesting financial aid.

4. Requests assistance with visa, airfare from Russia.

5. Requests financial assistance via Western Union.

6. Sends pictures that appear to be from a magazine.

7. Claims to be from S. Africa, Ghana or the Philippines.

Recommendations: The Basics

These tips could save you time, money and heartache:

1. Don't rush; take your time getting to know someone online.

2. Never give personal information to somone you've never met.

3. Never send money to anyone you have never met in person.

4. Use caution: Philippines, Colombia, Russia, Ghana, Nigeria.

5. If appropriate, use the phone to get to know the person.

6. If meeting the person, always meet in a public, safe place.

7. If progressing, obtain a professional background check.

Finally, the industry provides more options for more individuals around the world to find friends, romance and meaningful relationships. In this view, online dating is clearly beneficial to consumers. With this new market, however, comes new risks and safety concerns. There are many success stories that have helped fuel the growing trend of Internet dating. Unfortunately, this growth has also been equalled in the number of criminals and professional scammers seeking monetary reward. We stress the need for caution, and if progressing, to obtain the services from a reputable firm such as Wymoo International for assistance.

All the best and happy hunting,

A. Hathaway


About the Author: A. Hathaway has 20+ years of experience in fraud prevention, foreign markets, international investigations and background checks. His ongoing travel experience consists of over 35 countries and 6 continents. He has worked as a consultant for investigative firms including Wymoo International and maintains his own blog.

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Get Romance Into your Life:
Feng Shui Tips to Enhance your Romantic Space
Author: Michael Douglas

Feng Shui is the ancient Asian practice of object arrangement and space planning designed to bring balance and harmony into your environment.

Feng Shui fortifies a home with positive energy known as chi. The attainment of positive chi is both an art and a blessing to those who manifest that chi. The word feng means wind and shui means water. Each one is associated with good health and fortune.

If your love life needs a quick boost, you can use the art of placement to produce the romantic results you desire. Relationships need a proper environment to bloom. They need the balance of the five elements, too much or too little will find the romance withering.

Here are some Feng Shui tips to enhance your romantic space: The first thing you must do is remove clutter out of your romance area (generally this is the southwest area of your bedroom). This means you must remove trash, dirty ashtrays, dead plants and nothing should be stored under the bed.

Dust and cobwebs should be cleared away. Enhance your space with romantic colours, such as shades of pinks, reds and whites. For those who'd find this too feminine, maroon, greyish tones of pinks and whites can be used. The key is to not use any one colour so much that it overpowers the others. Other good colours include browns, lavenders and yellows.

If you keep flowers in the room (an excellent way to attract romance into your life), make sure they are always fresh. Silk flowers are an okay alternative, provided they are free of dust. But no dried flowers as they signify death. Also, make sure roses are dethorned. And yes, no cactii either.

In Feng Shui a Relationship Altar positively stimulates a relationship. Designate a special place in your romance area in which to put items that will encourage a healthy, loving relationship. Things to include in your Relationship Altar can include a heart-shaped pink crystal quartz, a pair of candles, or mandarin ducks.

Use the Pairs Principle to encourage love. That means two candles, two nightstands, two lights on top, two potted plants, two pillows, two chairs, etc. The Chinese symbol for love is the Mandarin ducks. They signify love, romance, fidelity, affection, and loyalty in love.

Your bed should be placed in a commanding position of the poor room. This is done to permit the widest possible vision. The door or entry to the room should be easily seen from the bed. And the head of the bed should be against a wall or a corner: If you have nightstands, make sure there's one on either side and that the bed is accessible on three sides to attract and keep a partner. The bed should not be placed under a window.

The bedroom is for sleep and intimacy. No one should come into your room without your invitation. There should be no distractions such as workout equipment, a television or things that remind you of work. It is good to hang pink (heart-shaped) crystals and wind chimes in a sunny window to attract good love energy (yang).

Pictures of you as a child, your children or other relatives should also be removed from the bedroom or romance area. This space should be reserved for couples and should only display pictures of the two of you.

Dim lights will give the room a warm, inviting feeling. No harsh fluorescents or high-wattage lighting should be allowed here.

While this is by no means the ultimate guide to Feng Shui for romance, it is a good start. These tips will give your relationship area the boost it deserves and your romance the fulfillment it requires. Alter your space and you will alter your love life...

Source: Submit Articles at

About the Author:
Michael Douglas is a relationship expert and the webmaster of where he provides free relationship advice for women and online dating tips for men to help couples and singles in building healthy and successful relationships.

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