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Sad sleep love talk
Friday, November 28, 2008

- I'm telling you I love him. I do.

- I know you do.

- I think I remember him telling me he loves me, too.

- You can't. He's mute.

- He's not. I've seen him talk to other people.

- You can't have. You're blind.

- I'm not.

- Yes, you are. Besides, you can't see someone talk. You can only hear them talking.

- I've heard him, then.

- Who was he talking to?

- I don't know. To people. To me.

- It wasn't him.

- It was him. I know his voice.

- He has no voice.

- He has a voice. A beautiful one.

- That was your voice.

- ...

- Everything you know about him is what I've read to you from the letters he has sent.

- To me?

- Oh, no... not to you. I'm sorry.

- This feels like a nightmare.

- Then wake up. Wake up!

Alright. I wake up. Same winter Saturday morning in June. Same cold. I feel tired, I feel so sad. I go back to sleep. Maybe this time he'll talk.
I'm going back to sleep, till summer comes.

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