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Where To Find True Romance
Saturday, February 17, 2007
Author: Sammy Kay

What is true romance? Has anyone ever set parameters that define the state of true romance? Take the movies for example. Can romance be disguised as a thriller or an action drama? Take some of these classics when thinking about true romance.

Some movie fans have claimed that they find Sir Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of the infamous Hannibal Lector as romantic. Okay, so he's a bit off the deep end, but how many people do you know who would actually chop off his own hand to save you? If that isn't a sign of true romance, what is? Actually, if you think about it long enough, you wonder what the bloody heck he did with the handcuff key in the first place. He could have saved himself the trouble, but it's the thought that counts, right?

What about the Phantom of the Opera? All he wants is to be loved by Christine, for crying out loud! Why can't she get beyond the scars? What defines true romance if it's not the desire and yearning found within all of us to love and be loved? And consider Quasimodo, from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yeah, he's appearance-challenged, but what a guy! How can you deny that poor man's sense of chivalry and loyalty? All he wanted was to be loved as well, and he risks his all to save Esmeralda. Again, what is true romance? True romance is indeed found in the eye of the beholder.

Women must always strive to realize that true romance is more than candlelight, roses and candy. We also realize that true romance is more than syrupy endearments and undying declarations of love, but again, there's some ancient thing inside of us that, for some silly reason, yearns to hear it anyway. Authors create wonderfully romantic characters, characters that many of us would like to call our own. Why in the world can't we train our guys to behave like that, anyway? Perhaps that's the reason for creating the romance genre. This way, we can finally have true romance in the man of our dreams. You think?

Most of us are mature enough to understand that the men we date or are married to aren't nearly as 'romantic' as their fictional or movie counterparts. Don't ask why not, but that seems to be the way it is. They may not measure up to the physical standards portrayed in many books and films, but who really cares? Our men are real. They're flesh and blood and if we're really lucky, they stand by us through thick or thin and shopping sprees. On paper and film screens, we see our 'true romance fantasy guys' at their best.

What, after all, actually constitutes true romance? Is it a candlelit dinner, or cuddling in front of a fire, or roller blading with your guy or just hanging out with each other? It should behoove us to remember that true romance comes wrapped in many different packages. It may come silently like a tender hug in the middle of the night, or warm bodies to lean against as you watch television. True romance may be a smile sent your way or a casual touch of the fingers. True romance doesn't have to sweep you off your feet, although that would be a nice sensation as long as you don't get hurt in the process.

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